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Search your documents with a Bilingual Document Management Solution (DMS) by Ogatechnologies

Document organization and management is a major problem. These documents which are as precious as gems to most of us are sometimes a pain in the neck. The problem starts with finding the document you need urgently. You put in all the force in the universe to find it but still no results. Even if something comes in hand, you are not sure if it is the correct one. And if you are doing this treasure digging in a big pile of paper documents, you may have a bigger problem.

This is where technology comes to save us, and solve all our problems. Orchieve EDMS is a Bilingual Document Management System (DMS) with support for Hindi OCR and English OCR. Orchieve EDMS is a feature-rich product, very much suitable for states like #Madhyapradesh, #Rajasthan, #Delhi, #Uttarpradesh and #Bihar where the business is carried out in Hindi and English languages. You can search your documents stored in #DMS in Hindi and English languages.

This process involves scanning, tracking and storing the document in electronic forms such as PDFs, digital images, and word processing files. The Bilingual Document Management System (DMS) can help organizations save up the time and money spent on building and organizing physical file cabinets or warehouses. They face higher costs due to manually filing and processing of documents. And in these cases, the human error always comes in play and cannot be avoided. The documents are also prone to physical damages, due to big natural calamities like floods or small accidents like water spillage. Storage space also proves out to be a major issue, as the space available in some cases is very limited.

The bilingual document management Software Solutions and Services by Oga Technologies, Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal provides benefits such as document security, centralized storage, and streamlined search and retrieval, and audit trails. The scanned files are simpler to track online with few keyword searches rather than document hunt in between a huge document stack.

The user can easily track, store and control the documents. It is simple to use and comes with the feature of advance #keywordsearching. Whenever the user types any keyword related to the document he is searching for, the system scans and shows all the relevant options available. The system can also detect any handwritten keyword on the document.

The documents are stored on the server where they are fully secured and under no risk of loss. There is also no issue with storage space. With these key benefits, it is smarter to go paperless and take advantage of automation and online document management tools like #Bilingualdocumentmanagementsolution.

The Bilingual Document Management Solution (DMS) comes with some brilliant features to reduce the work hassle on the document part.

• Metadata is provided for each document which includes things like the date when a document is uploaded, its title and description.

• Indexing, retrieval and search options help in finding documents and information through keyword or title searching.

• Security feature protects information, and allow the administrators to control who has access to documents.

• It allows administrators to create rules that command the flow of documents through an organization.

• It enables multiple users to view and modify documents at the same time, and any changes to the documents are monitored and recorded by the system.

• It’s easy to use The employees could be easily trained to get acquainted with the systems user-friendly interface.

• Daily Backup of the database is created, which safeguards all the documents, avoiding all risks of loss.

• Automatic OCR of scanned images is created with searchable PDFs.

• Multi-language OCR enables the user to work freely with Hindi and English languages.

• Documents are available in multiple formats like PDFs, DOC, DOCX, ODT, Google Docs, TIFF, Jpeg, etc.

We the team of Oga Technologies Pvt. Ltd believes in building a robust base infrastructure, which will form the foundation for the subsequent #ITinfrastructures. We are an Information Technology services provider with the intent to help our customers solve their business problems and help them grow.

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How Housing Society Management System Resolve Issues | Oga Technologies Bhopal

How Housing Society Management System Resolve Issues | Oga Technologies Bhopal

The use of a software solution in housing society management is quite common these days. The features of the software solution are ideal to manage housing society efficiently. It can sort out various issuesthat may occur in a housing society.

The Utilities You Get By Acquiring A Housing Society Management System Are:

• Resident InformationView members, residents, committee members, office bearers.

• Document Management of Society Manage, view or upload all society documents, Member Documents, and Tenant ID documents.

• Schedule The Meetings Schedule meetings for the general body, other categories or for celebrations and occasions. Members will be notified via email and you can drop those messages about any meetings. The residents can then login to their accounts and see details. If some payments have to be made, a payment gateway is also integrated.

• Directory Management Manage and track all staff details including Solid Waste Management Staff, Electrical Maintenance staff, General staff, security staff, etc

• Complaint Resolution Members can register their complaints or suggestions and society administrators can resolve these complaints. This helps in transparent dispute resolution and it is necessary to maintain harmony for managing the society.

• Assets, Services, and Vendor Management Manage society assets (consumable as well as permanent), Facilities like the club, Gym, Party Halls, Open areas, garden, etc. ARVO SMS can also manage vendors from whom the assets have been purchased.

• Accounts Management All accounting related activities including ledgers, income, expenses, vouchers, POs, etc can be managed with ARVO SMS.

• Centralize All Reports With this high-quality management system software that is accessible from anywhere, members can view reports of all the accounting information including financial transactions and balance sheets of the society. Members can also view a list of vendors, purchasers, staff, maintenance activities of the society

ARVO SMS® is a Housing Society Management system that offers a solution to resolve all issues involved in the smooth running of a resident welfare association. This system provides complete transparency in the working of a Housing Society Resident Welfare association as per the guidelines and mandate of the Government.

Time management can be ensured by using theARVO SMS housing society management system . Automated streamlines make it easier to operate. Even with a little technical knowledge, you can use the ARVO SMS housing management system.The data can be stored and accessed using the system.

Never miss out on important dates by setting up a reminder using the housing management utility. Difficult maintenance issues can be handled with ease if you are an ARVO SMS user.Happy residents come up with a better resolution to their conflicts and problems at housing society.

Accounting work for the housing society is well organized with the system. You can prevent Communication breakdown and streamline the activities in your housing society.Billing and collection at society become feasible with ARVO SMS.

As a payment utility, online payment integration gives your residents an option to make online payments. You can also share the documents with members by using the housing society management system ARVO SMS.It manages multiple properties as well. There’s an inbuilt Real estate business management system feedback management system to take inputs from the residents.

For security purposes, it also provides access to emergency contact numbers. Retrieval of records is easier than ever with #ARVO SMS.Your residents won’t miss important messages and instructions. It generates invoices automatically and sends it to the respective residence at the right time. Stay on track and never lose sight with the help of the ARVO #SMS #Housing #Societymanagement System

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• Oga Technologies : Manage All Your Real Estate Operations From One Place

• Adda : Apartment Management Software

Manage All Your Real Estate Operations From One Place | Oga Technologies

Real estate business management system allows construction businesses to direct client demand and carry out business operations effectively.It also assists your Real estate business in project layouts, substantiation, plot implementation, engineeringand real time coordination.

ARVO BMS® RERA compliant real estate business management system by will enhance productivity of your company by handing your real estate operations, meeting project deadlines, and ensuring cost effectiveness.You can perform various sales activities such as documentation; create agreement, allotment letter, calculating expenditures and customer applications.There are various post sale functions that can also be managed using our construction business management system .It includes:

• Graphical Dashboard for Management to monitor sales and performance in real time.

• Manage customer Documents.

• Manage customer Documents including Agreements, Demand Letters, Invoices, Payments, Settlements, Dues, Possession Documents etc.

• Manage Site Status with facility to accept reports directly from the site.

• Generate Demand letters as per site progress.

• Manage Invoices and Payments from the customer.

• Calculate interest on pending payments.

It is about time when real estate business must consider an advanced construction based management system to make sure you stay on track against all odds. It gives you the privilege to access all the necessary information through CRM system. Real estate business requires a lot of mobility and ARVO BMS RERA compliant management system performance will exceed your expectations in effectively carrying out all your construction business essentials. Enquire Now: [Follow the link below for more details]

Achieve More Efficiency With Real Estate Automation

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Achieve More Efficiency With Real Estate Automation

Your real estate construction company can function more productively with the help of Real estate business management system . You can create a secure network structure for all your important database, project requirement and communication. Each real estate business have their own structure and thus they need a customized solution for their enterprise. The solution must be designed and implemented as per the business and the industry.

A Saas based cloud platform can be helpful to structure the work of real estate in an organized manner. Automation is the need of the hour for most of the industries and RERA Compliant Real Estate Business Management System by Oga Technologies . gives you centralized control on all your project essentials.

ARVO BMS® is a RERA Compliant Real Estate Business Management System that enables medium to small size construction companies to manage customer requirements, project planning, documentation, site execution, engineering modifications and project communication in Real Time.

The workplace process at your real estate business will become seamless when you integrate your business with RERA Compliant Real Estate Business Management System. Checkout more details by following the link below:

Real Estate Business Management System

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IT Monitoring and Management Solutions

You can get monitoring and management solutions even on a low budget in comparison to the money you need to spend on an IT Service in general. It includes help-desk, troubleshooting errors, and remediation, etc. These are some of the important elements in an IT infrastructure

You can get them effectively managed using a reliable service provider

Monitoring and management services by Oga Technologies are created to enhance execution and quickly resolve all technical issues at your company. At the same time, we also ensure that you have complete access to our servers to keep the operations transparent.

Oga Technologies integrates infrastructure management with SaaS utilities for improving overall performance and ensuring availability.

Infrastructure services by Oga Technologies include:

• Data Center Management: Useful in monitoring and maintaining optimal data resources 24×7.

• IT Application Support: It constantlyoptimize application accessibility and conduct.

• Technical Support: Include on-site and remote IT support services.

• Production Support: We provide a comprehensive examination of the event, occurrence resolving, and IT issue management activities which include trend analysis, root analysis, Known error database management, configure and testing RFC and break/fix process.

• Change In Release Management: This consists of generating a testing environment, including the IT undertakings such as release coordination, emergency releases, build and code deployment, managing release calendar, and configuration management/source change management tool administration

Here Are Some of the Key Benefits of IT Monitoring & Management Solution:

• One Platform for all your events

• Use Cases

• Co-related Analytics of your IT data in one place

• Monitoring

• Log Management

• Flow Analytics

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